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    1. World's only action sports drone
    2. Five follow me functions
    3. Film every moment of your epic journey
    4. LiDAR and GPS
    5. One button take off
    6. Completely autonomous
    7. Clever battery warns user when below 30%
    8. Advanced 2 way stabilising gimbal
    9. Enjoy sports whilst filming the action

      The only drone built for adventure sports

      The Airdog is the ultimate autonomous adventure sports drone. What does that mean? It means that it will follow you, tracking your movements perfectly as you hurtle down a mountain or skim across the waves. No need for a pilot or camera operator, no need to carry around a bulky remote, just a super solid reliable GPS based tracking feature that will capture perfect footage all by itself, every time. What’s more it’s crazy simple to use, with only a single button press required to get it flying and following.


      The Airleash is a simple, sturdy remote and locator device that you can strap to your arm or – if you prefer – pop in a pack. It’s easy to use even with bulky gloves on, is fully IP67 rated for water sports and even comes with an extension strap so you can wear it over a chunky snow jacket, or if you have biceps like Arnie.

      The perfect mode for your radness

      Action sports are not all the same. Ripping through the trails in an MTB park is very different to carving backcountry powder or threading a wave off the coast of Cornwall. Airdog has specific modes for different sports – including MTB, Surf, Ski and Wakeboarding – as well as five different follow modes to ensure you get exactly the footage you want, including Fixed Follow, Follow Path, Hover and Aim, Follow Line and Adaptive Follow.

      Follow Me with LiDAR and GPS

      The last thing you want as you crest a rise and pop an awesome jump is for your drone to smash into the dirt because it didn’t realise there was an incline. That’s why the Airdog has an advanced LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) system. That’s right, it can use lasers to maintain a constant distance from the ground as it follows you. Yes. LASERS. It has lasers. Couple this with an advanced GPS system and you have a device with a better Follow Me function than anything else on the market.

      Cunning Battery and Safe Landing

      Airdog batteries talk to the drone constantly so there’s no danger of an unplanned landing in the waves. It’ll warn you when it reaches 30% battery, at which point you can choose whether you’d like it to land at the last known position of the Airleash or return to its original take off point. Of course these options can be set pre take off too.

      Advanced Stablisation

      There’s nothing worse than wonky, wobbly footage that makes you feel like you’re stuck in a washing machine when you try to watch it. The Airdog is fitted with a motorised 2-way stabilising gimbal optimised for your GoPro 3/3+ or 4, guaranteeing smooth, stable footage no matter how gnarly the trails or waves get.

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